It is an admirable and level-headed aspiration to own your own house one day. Build an empire with your Mrs and have a couple nice cars on the drive. What worries me is the time it takes to pay off a mortgage. I love the idea of owning a nice big house however I’m not sure I can accept spending 40+ years of my life in financial shackles in order to sit on a patch of earth that is miniscule in relation to this planet. Mortgages bound you to social confines.

I often wonder what route I shall take. The thought of owning a home is not as appealing to me as having a continuous string of temporary homes all around the globe. I want to live in as many places as I please. Paying off a mortgage doesn’t leave room for this. Granted, you can take 1 or 2 holidays a year in a sweltering hot country by a pool with San Miguel on tap; but you cant spend two years living on a coffee plantation in Peru before jetting off to grow weed in a cottage in Jamaica. I have a strong innate urge to live my life as a nomad. This is why I doubt I’ll ever have a mortgage.

I want to experience cultures. I want to eat fresh fish with my Moroccan pals in Marrakesh for a year straight. I want to pick grapes in the South of France for a year. I want to rent a property in the outback for as long as I please and then go to Thailand for no reason. I want to go to Medellin and meet my Colombian wife in a tapas bar then ask if she want to come to New Zealand with me. I wouldn’t mind living in a hut in Kenya for 6 months. I don’t want to just have a two week holiday and then be back to the grind in England.

The only problem is stability and security. You need something for your old age. You cannot just squander your money without planning for the long term. I have to have assets and places to return to. I need a house for my mum to live in. It will be a tricky balance, but it will get done.