Back in November I woke up after a heavy night to find my phone would not turn on. No matter how long I left in on charge for, it just wouldn’t turn on. It was mysteriously void of life with no explanation. I had little money and so I told myself I’d sort it out ‘soon’. Soon became a month and that month has now become 6. I still haven’t truly decided whether this neglect has been due to pure laziness, overblown manifestation of righteous ideologies opposing technology or a new-found warmth towards peace and quiet. Perhaps a mixture of all 3.

Bizarrely, I grew accustomed to people not being able to contact me and enjoyed it. Not because I don’t like people, but it just gave time to be on my own and think. I wasn’t in constant contact with everyone and felt less distracted. The people who really needed to get hold of me still did. It almost filtered out irrelevance. I found this blissful.

Another thing that bought to me such relief was the lack of social media at my disposal. Having a smart phone is having an alternative reality in your pocket; A huge virtual world of communication and trivia just a click away. Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are 21st century reincarnations of Lucifer that try to allure the tunnel-visioned youth into a wrath of distraction, vanity, obsession, and trends. Social media’s biggest function, above all of it’s other functions, is to distract users from their real lives and what they see in front of them, beyond their screens. It is a sin the amount of times I have sat and been ignorant to my mum and dad speaking to me because I’ve been glued to my phone. The sudden halt to my access of social media felt like being on a diet and wanting cake; or trying to be T-total and craving a nice big spliff of Amnesia Haze. But, as expected, this faded. And faded completely.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a big inconvenience not having a phone. The amount of people I’ve lost regular contact with is bad, and I do feel guilty. I will get a new phone again in the summer. But I’m not sure it will be a smartphone, perhaps a Nokia with a contract sim. But for now, the silence is golden.