Since 1945 the USA have attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments and are responsible for millions of deaths. From Indonesia in 1958 to Peru in 1965 to the infamous war in Vietnam to Lebanon in ’82 and all the way up to Syria today, the list is long. The US repeatedly justify their involvement in these operations by calling on foreign policy and manifesting  a benevolent humanitarian motive. All they have to do is point the fingers at scapegoats such as Suharto, Hussein and Gadaffi. In the West, we see our allies as a powerful and successful force that convey righteous ideologies whilst tarnishing alien lands as evil perpetrators of western culture.

Today, we are all terrified of ISIS. I do not condone ISIS nor do I support anything they do. However, when you begin to look at a long chain of events, and do it in depth, you cannot help but say: Is it any wonder these people are rising up now? Are they not just radical results of American provocation? For how many years have the US exploited third world countries, and as of the 90s particularly middle-eastern Islamic countries, for their natural resources. How many people are aware that the US Government employ people known as ‘economic hitmen’ whose job it is to sell poor countries huge contracts for ‘modern’ and ‘beneficial’ infrastructure that they will never be able to pay off and therefore forever be in debt to America for? If I grew up in Syria or Lebanon or Iraq etc and saw American fighter jets flying over my city dropping bombs, causing carnage and killing my friends and family would I resent them and all their allies and want to do something about it? YES.

Why are ISIS driving round in American Jeeps carrying American guns in American body armour? Because for the US, war is profit. How many people know about how the US trained and funded the Mujahideen in 1998, the very offspring of Al-Qaeda that Mr. Bin Laden emerged from. The US are not in Syria for Assad’s head because they care for the Syrian people. They’re funding both sides of the war. They weren’t in Libya because they were horrified at how Gadaffi treated his people, they were there because of his plans to introduce the Gold Deener and a Central African bank.

I wish people would do some real research before they call certain people terrorists whilst supporting even bigger ones. I could’ve written 5000 words, but I’m only allowed 400.